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Sharing is a scream in the Goosebumps Fan Zone! Compete against other fans of the classic Goosebumps series and the new film starring Jack Black as R.L. Stine that is coming to theaters in October of 2015. Connect with your social networks to share Goosebumps news and content to earn points and win prizes. We are a featured contributor of the Picture Promotion.  #GoosebumpsMovie #GoosebumpsContest

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Blue Bunny Summer Savings!

Blue Bunny Summer Savings

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Blue Bunny Summer Savings!

Win the Chiquita Banana Minions Sweepstakes!

Chiquita Banana Minions Sweepstakes

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See if you can win a trip to London or hundreds of other prizes in the Chiquita Banana Minions Sweepstakes today! Don’t wait and wonder if you had only done it sooner what might have happened.  Enter now to see if you are the lucky one who gets to travel to London!

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